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The Chotiner Firm provides professional legal advice and counsel to people. When people ask attorney L. Kenneth Chotiner for help, he investigates the facts of their case and analyzes the law to determine the merits of their claims. Ken Chotiner prides himself on finding avenues of recovery other attorneys overlooked.

Accidents + Injuries
If you have been hurt because of something someone else did, then you should be compensated for you loss. You should not pay for someone else's mistake. Ken Chotiner will help you get the compensation you deserve. more info

Civil Rights
Civil rights are those rights that you have as a result of the U.S. Constitution, fede. Ken Chotiner used to defend the police, now he prosecutes them. more info

Criminal Defense / D.U.I.
Whatever you were arrested for, you should immediately contact an attorney. Getting an attorney like, L. Kenneth Chotiner, involved early on, could be the difference between guilt and innocence. more info

Tickets and Suspensions
Ken Chotiner can help you protect yourself from higher insurance rates, points / suspensions, and a bad driving record. more info

Consumer Protection
Has a business takes advantage of you? The consumer protection laws were designed to protect consumers. Attorney, L. Kenneth Chotiner, uses a variety of laws to stick up for the little guy. more info